Easiest Way to Cook Perfect Cucumber and raisins salad

Cucumber and raisins salad. #Cucumber #Salad #WeightLoss keep stay on our channel and For need, more info about us then subscribe us also contact via below this link:JOIN US:. Inspired by sunomono a Japanese salad often made with cukes and daikon radish. Drizzle vinegar mixture over cucumber mixture, tossing to coat.

Feel this light and cooling combination refresh the body and calm the mind on a hot summer day. Sweet raisins and perhaps a dab of honey mustard or a sliced radish will add a touch of contrasting pungency to the dish and just enough warmth to ease. Cucumber and yogurt salad is part of the repertoire in every yogurt-eating country, but for me the star recipe is this one. You can have Cucumber and raisins salad using 3 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Cucumber and raisins salad

  1. Prepare of sliced Cucumber peeled and seeds removed.
  2. You need of raisins.
  3. You need of salad dressing.

I love the burst of sweetness from the raisins, the crunch of walnuts, the coolness of mint. The salad complements grilled lamb, or you could serve it as part of a meze assortment with. Peel the cucumber in half lengthwise and scrape the seeds out with a spoon. Mix the mint with the yogurt and add the drained raisins.

Cucumber and raisins salad step by step

  1. Mix the Cucumber and raisins together. Cucumber and raisins salad
  2. Put into a bowl and Mix serve with salad dressing I used the French Dressing 1700's see my recipe. I hope you enjoy!.

Season the diced cucumber with lime juice and allspice. Distribute into bowls and serve garnished with mint. Broccoli salad gets a sweet and savory element with the addition of raisins and sunflower seeds that is perfect for picnics. I made this recipe without the sunflower seeds and it was awesome! A great summer salad and fun way to get the kids to eat broccoli!

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